Writing: The Ongoing Typing Saga

Note to self: in the future, don’t wait to type up your novel until you’re twenty-five thousand words in.

Yeah, I went and did that. In my defense, I’ve figured out that writing longhand *really* works for me.

Unfortunately, this project (the first entry in what I’m calling the footie verse) is written in text messages/emails/IM logs/articles, so typing up each separate text and dealing with formatting is the worst.

I’m using ywriter to put in the first draft, which is working out pretty well so far and definitely helping me to deal with the headaches (each ‘stream’ of texts or such is a separate scene, and each chapter is a day or half a day). It’s still a royal pain, though.

From now on, I’m going to try to type up the previous day’s output first thing in the morning. Hopefully I’ll be able to stick to that.

Classics Book Club: The War of the Worlds

Classics Book Club: March 2014

Book: The War of the Worlds
Author: H. G. Wells
New or Reread: Reread, technically, although I read it once about thirteen years ago and barely remembered it.

Spoilers for The War of the Worlds below the jump.